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The Jungle 2 – Scenario

The Jungle 2

After American Special Forces destroyed a secret Russian missile base deep in the Congo, It seemed that the threat had been dealt with. Or so we thought…..

July 16, 2016
An American spy has brought images of what looks like the construction of a hidden submarine base on the South American peninsula, surrounded by some of the deepest jungle in the country.

September 21st, 2016
After two months of satellite scanning It has been confirmed. The facility houses the new, state of the art Acuta Class Stealth Submarine designed to unload its payload of nuclear war heads and vanish into the ocean before the first jets even leave the runway.

October 7th, 2016
Meeting of President, Chiefs of staff, and military operations conclude, strike force to counter threat.

November 13th, 2016
As the threat of this unexplained Submarine base comes to a completion, it is clear what must be done. No government is claiming this facility but from images gathered from our satellites, it is clear that this facility is a threat to the United States, but also the world. Now, strike forces speed towards South America in hopes of stopping the completion of this facility before can unleash its Stealth Submarines and their deadly payload upon the world. But without knowing who is behind it or the target, time is not on our side.

Welcome to the Jungle 2

Place: Predator Paintball Park

Date: November 13, 2016

Time: Gates open at 9am, sign in 9:15, Scenario meeting at 9:45, first mission start at 10:15am

Game Layout: 30min missions, every 10min dead players re-insert.

Paint: Field paint only

Entry Cost: Normal entry (Check here for prices)
If your interested in playing a character, send me (Joel) a message at and we will have a special gift for you for participating. You must be able to stay all day and play the part.