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Joel’s Epic Paintball Birthday Bash 2017!

Today is the day the world celebrates the birth of the most amazing, handsome, caring and humble man alive. Joel. YES Joel, who you all know and love. He wants to celebrate with YOU, (enter your name here) on this epic day! We will be playing big games all day with prizes given out thoughout the day! You dont need gear and you can be a first time player, dont worry, Ill be on your team! Here are the datails:

Place: Predator Paintball Park
Date: Jan, 15, 2017
Entry: Normal Prices (Check website)
Paintballs: Normal Prices (Check Website)
Times: 10am – 5pm (You can come anytime before 3pm to play)
Gifts or Presents: Not required (But not like I would refuse 😉 )

Remember you dont have to stay all day and I will have CAKE but that is while supplies last! I hope you can make it!