Predator Paintball Park has more playing courses than any other San Antonio paintball park

Hyper Ball
A large mirrored (same on both sides) field with bunkers made of black corrugated tubing that is a staple of Predator Paintball Park.


A small, very intense Hyperball field, with a large bunker in the center resembling a drive-through carwash.



Attack and Defend
A field based around a fort, with the defenders being able to defend their fort for a set amount of time.



Urban Combat
Urban combat is a paintball town with a real crash-landed helicopter in the center of it, small or large game compatible, with 13 buildings in total.



Battle Creek
Two small forts fighting for a bridge over a creek which connects to Carwash



A spectator-friendly concept field that is changed weekly, consisting of Lego style bunkers.