San Antonio's #1 Paintball Park

San Antonio’s Paintball Park

Predator Paintball Park delivers the best paintball play in San Antonio. We care about your paintball experience, whether it’s a birthday party, group outing, or you’re here to play every weekend. Play here and we will try our hardest to make sure you have the most fun possible, in a safe environment.


Paintball Facts

•Statistically paintball is safer than bowling

•You can NOT freeze a paintball and actually shoot it, so if someone told you they have, they’re fibbing

•Paintballs are non-toxic

•Paintball is the number one extreme sport in the USA, with nearly 10 million participants

Why We’re Different

•We offer you the most versatile paintball field in San Antonio

•We use the best paintballs available, here’s why

•Multiple paintball arenas containing real helicopters, buildings, forts, shaded woods, creeks, a paintball town, even a tank!

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  • Recents

Below are the most recent pictures taken at Predator Paintball Park. If you’ve played paintball at Predator recently, you may be in some of the photos below, feel free to download and use these pictures. This is updated consistently and if you have pictures you have taken at Predator Paintball Park, feel free to send them to